Car Detailing and paint enhancement is the process of thorough cleaning, restoration, and vehicle finishing, to produce a showroom quality level of detail. We’ll transform your vehicle by dealing with hard water marks, etching (caused by bird muck or fly squash), swirl marks, scratches, and fading, leaving you with an amazing finish to your vehicle.

Ceramic paintwork protection is scratch, chemical, UV, thermal and anti-graffiti resistant. It leaves the paintwork with a high gloss finish and super hydrophobic effect leaving your vehicle cleaner for longer.


Paint enhancement and Paint correction helps with

  • Road grime and grit
  • Bird Muck, fly squash,
  • Tree sap and Tar
  • People brushing against the car with their clothing or bags
  • Poor valeting techniques / or products
  • Poor machine or hand
  • polishing techniques
  • Auto Car washes
  • Maintaining the value of the vehicle
  • Giving the vehicle an amazing gloss, depth finish.


Every business wants to set the perfect first impression. The work van is often the face of the business, the first thing most client see first.  We can help you maintain a smart appearance with our van valeting service.

Vehicle Cleaning
North West England